Mobile and Web Application Development for Founders
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Hard.Soft creates scalable minimum viable products for small-size business owners and startup founders.
We deliver ready to go apps through transparency and defined KPIs.
We empower non-technical business owners to test the product-market fit, to get their MVP funded, and to scale their app-based product using the best technologies that get the job done.

MVP Strategy and Project Management
We listen to your ideas and help you implement them in stages with strategy, design, and execution that will help your MVP to succeed and your product to grow. Let's start with a prototype as a model of your idea, build a base for your minimum viable product, get user feedback, and continue improving the product.
Web Application Development
We develop custom, pre-packaged, and hosted applications that support all leading operating systems and cloud platforms. Our technical team collaborates with you to understand your bottlenecks, identifies the right technologies to employ, and delivers solutions on time and within budget.
Mobile Application Development
Our technically adept team can expand the capabilities of your existing system to mobile platforms or build your cross-platform mobile applications. Experience improved customer engagement, performance, and workforce productivity with better mobile apps.
Product Design
We follow proven interface practices that result in intuitive and learnable interfaces with a user experience that's consistent across platforms. Offer a balance of UI elements that highlight desirable customer actions, clearly show results, and enable customer choices while avoiding unwanted outcomes.
0.1 Research and discovery
We transform your app-based business idea into technical requirements to help you understand tradeoffs and project budget options for any high-level concept. We contribute technical expertise and deliver an actionable technical specification so you can actually focus on building a great product.
0.2 MVP Consulting
Our design and tech experts will guide your startup towards the most value-adding and relevant technologies, no matter your current IT expertise. We take care of the entire product development lifecycle starting with visual and interface design all the way through further feature rollout and product support.
0.3 Design and Prototyping
Need help visualizing user flow while keeping track of technical details and back-end processes? We've got that covered. We'll build high fidelity wireframes for your MVP and develop a comprehensive product UI kit to help you add app features while keeping users happy. We also build design collateral for marketing kits for better converting placements in various app stores and marketplaces.
0.4 Development
No matter whether you choose a web-based or an app-based cross-platform product, we'll provide the architecture and build it with React, React Native, Django or the most relevant framework – with clear, on-time deliverables and transparency throughout. You'll get a high-performance app product that's ready for you to market test and scale.
0.5 Testing and QA
Testing and Quality Assurance are an integral part of the development, but project complexity may require field tests, unit tests, load testing, etc. We deliver a working product but can offer additional testing services, build environments for A/B product feature testing to fit any requirements you or your investors may have.

0.6 Analytics & Support
Successful products never stop evolving. Proactive maintenance for uninterrupted service, minimal downtime, and product support are important customer trust factors for startups. We help founders and owners ensure software ROI with proactive application analytics and testing, offer support services for enhancements, upgrades, and migrations.
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